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Maggie Murray's Pub House opened its doors on March 17, 2013. 



The pub is named after  Gramma Maggie Murray who moved from Jersey City with her family to a 60-acre farm in New Market (near Piscataway's Westergard Library).  Maggie had eight siblings who settled in this area. There's a good chance  you are friends with ​someone related to Maggie: The Murrays, Sheenans, Schneiders, Nagels, Grays, Browns, Lockwoods, Daileys, Sheas, Hughenbruchs, Mays, ​Walkers, Kings, Parentis, Abanos,  Levidys,  and Garcias all have Maggie Murray in their family tree.


And when you're at the Pub... you're family too!​

Who is Maggie Murray?

Formerly Kisko's Tavern, Maggie Murray's Pub House is owned by the Arts Annex's Margaret Lockwood.

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